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amplify marketing

with art and science

We are a marketing agency that focuses on omnichannel marketing strategies and creative communications to help your brands stand out in highly competitive markets.

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about us

We are passionate marketers and creatives from Ukraine who admire new technologies and surf on cultural trends.

We have strong expertise in the digital field and focus on marketing for tech, iGaming, SaaS, sport and new brands.

Not B2C, not B2B,

we build Human2Human relationships.


marketing strategy, brand strategy, creative strategy, content strategy,

data & insights

brand campaigns

omnichannel campaigns, advertising, media, brand experience, PR, sponsorship, promo & gamification

creative production

creative, video production, brand design, brand content, merch & style 

social media

social media strategy, YouTube marketing, influencer marketing, content and community

iGaming services

iGaming strategy, go-to-market services, creative marketing, adaptation and compliance

systems and innovations

marketing systems and processes,

employer branding, product innovations, technology innovations, service innovations

our services

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art and science

great stories and human emotions

best practices and trendy tools

We collaborate with select talents for your project to mix


We take business challenges with a data-led approach and a network of experienced creative technologists, marketers, industry experts, creators and studios.


We believe in systems based on the interaction of technologies & data, fueled by craft content and managed by passionate people with creative and entrepreneur mindsets.


​You are the experts when it talks about your products and brand. We listen to you and help to tell your stories loudly to the right people for exciting their minds. Transparency and fair conditions in the core of our collaboration.

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